About us


I'm Jamie Hargis, owner, maker and designer here at Glitter and Frills! We are located in the Northern Virginia area, near Washington D.C. and work out of our in-home studio.
I love to make pretty things to brighten up your day and make the world just a little bit more beautiful. Mostly, I hand-make cupcake & cake toppers, pinwheels, party banners, hand-painted princess crowns, bath bombs, dream catchers, wine charms, cards & holiday decor. But I also love to make jewelry, knitted and crocheted scarves, baby blankets sewn with designer fabric, embroidery art, mixed media canvases and clay pieces, so you may occasionally see those here too. Many of my creations are limited edition, so if you see something you like, grab it while you can.
I have an obsession with patterns, colors, and glitter of course, so I love to collect paper and fabric and wear clothing and frills that boast wacky prints. My favorite accessories are glitter headbands and glittery eyeliner :)

When I'm not busy trying to keep up with my husband, our four children, our two crazy dogs or the hamster, I make stuff! I ran out of people to keep giving stuff too, so I decided to turn it into a business adventure many years ago. Win/win...I get to have a creative outlet, share beautiful items with you and make a little money to help out my family.

I originally opened an Etsy shop in 2007, where I mainly sold handmade scrapbooking supplies and cards. I learned the ropes of running an online shop very quickly, and decided I wanted to expand, by selling a wider variety of items, so I opened another shop in 2009. I've finally decided to take the leap into having a standalone online store, so here we are, at Glitter and Frills :)

E-mail me with questions or just to chat at jamie@glitterandfrills.com or hit me up on social media by clicking on the buttons below...